9th January 2017

Write to Right – Global Handwriting Awareness Drive

It’s a new year, new season and time for new events. As we begin the new year with imaginative learning and fun activities, Helen O’Grady International’s national and international network takes a global step & supports Right to Write - Handwriting Awareness Drive by Eminence Arts & Education Pvt. Ltd. The event will happen on 23rd January 2018. Crossword bookstore is also set to host the event at their store.

With this event we want to set a global record of reaching out to every corner of the globe with the vision and mission of retaining the handwriting skills on this planet. Even though we live in the digital world it is important to prevent writing skills from getting vanished. We aim to share our knowledge and expertise by joining hands to spread awareness of the drive. It’s important to not let the writing skills die. On 23rd January, everyone regardless of their age can participate in the event and write for this worthy cause of retaining the handwriting skills for generations to come. Language and font is no bar. The participants can write minimum 50 to100 words in diaries, notebooks or Eminence Handwriting Books.

To support the worthy social cause all you must do is:

- Click a picture while writing (individual or group) on 23rd January or take a live video.

- Mention the number of participants.

- Send it to us on or WhatsApp on +91 9325290311.

Your participation will help in bringing a revolution in handwriting and we would love to acknowledge your participation globally.

We invite the schools, colleges, social organizations, NGOs, corporates, social workers to join in this mission and set a global record.

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