H e l e n O' G r a d y

International Exchanges

1. Mime in India by Marcus Schmid

Helen O’ Grady International has collaborated with a Switzerland based theatre group named Andrayas to perform in various schools where the programme is being offered. The objective of the performances is to create awareness about environmental degradation in a unique form. The shows are performed in mime and the audience can appreciate the beauty of the story and enjoy the wonderful characterization without the use of words or any language.

About the Show:

The shows include messages about water scarcity and deforestation. It uses nonverbal medium like mime, dance, juggling and music. These performances are sure to touch lives of a multicultural and multigenerational audience.

The Performers:

Director of the Cie Andrayas, Marcus Schmid studied the art of mime with Marcel Marceau in Paris. Marcel Marceau was regarded for his peerless style pantomime, moving audiences without uttering a single word, and was known to the World as a "Master of Silence." Marcus founded his own company and conceptualized shows that use work on shadows, acrobatics, sculpture and manipulation of objects as guidelines.

Marcus and Marie’s spellbinding performances are a part of our endeavor to bring the best from the field of theatre for our children.

2. Art of Storytelling by Kusumika Chatterjee

Helen O' Grady International, India associates itself regularly with legendary story teller and educator, Kusumika Chatterjee from United Kingdom for story-telling workshops in top schools all over the country.Kusumika has been pursuing the art of storytelling for over four decades and is a Queen’s award winner for her contribution to education.

3. School Immersion Programmes

HOGI believes that exposure to the world and real situations enhances the capabilities of visualization and imagination in children, and these are the corner stones of true learning.

With the aim to transform our beliefs into facts, we present opportunities to our students to travel abroad and be a part of International education systems, through our "School Immersion Programme".

The programme ensures that the students observe, learn, and participate in classes, along with the foreign students. The learning experience also goes beyond academics, in the form of guided cultural tours of the foreign countries. In some countries, students even get a chance to stay with local families to experience life in those countries first-hand.

We took our students to Singapore in 2007, where they attended workshops conducted by our trainers. Additionally, they got a chance to explore the wonderful island of Sentosa.

In October 2014, HOGI organised a trip to England, where we conducted a comprehensive cultural excursion for our students, to Orniston Sudbury Academy, Cambridge University, and The Globe Theatre. We also went on a special trip to Kings College.

Geneva, Switzerland was the destination in May, 2015. This is where our students were put up with local families for a week. Apart from this insightful cultural experience, students took educational tours to places such as the United Nations Headquarters and the tallest glacier in Geneva. The cultural programme was conducted at a school in Nyon, where our students participated in various activities, such as treasure hunts, quizzes, and much more, along with the foreign students.

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