28th September 2018

Helen O’Grady International India’s dynamic leader - Arpita Mittal

A gold medalist in M. A (Eng. Lit), B.Ed. professor of English at the graduate and undergraduate levels, Arpita Mittal has been a language consultant and trainer of senior diplomats; language supervision in Swedish and Canadian Embassies and senior production supervisor at Disney Character Voices International. She was trained in the exclusive methodology of our drama system by Helen O' Grady, Executive Director HOGI, in Perth, Australia. She played an Instrumental role in the launch of our Speech and Drama programme in India.

Helen O’Grady’s legacy continues today, with over 1 million students attending dynamic drama classes in 40 countries worldwide. Today, Helen O’ Grady International India is the largest worldwide academy of its kind available in 80+ franchises PAN India; with a uniquely extensive curriculum, dynamic teachers and easily accessible venues. It is an innovative educational programme with a strong emphasis on the care and development of all its students.

Over the course of her career, she has been oozing creative energy & motivating, mentoring and developing our students as well as our teachers & franchisors in the most compassionate way. Her passion and experience inspire and contribute to the successes of new academies as well as existing ones. Arpita Mittal’s sustained commitment and belief in alternative learning tools have ensured a consistent expansion and growth of our unique EduDrama programme across the country!

On her birthday, we would like to thank her for her sustained commitment to taking Helen O'Grady International - India to great heights and being a competent leader & dynamic mentor to our Helen O’Grady family!

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