20th January 2019

The importance of Optimism

At Helen O’Grady International - India, we know how important it is to continue raising positive reinforcement in children, particularly in light of their exposure to current world events, bullying and other aspects of life that can sometimes darken their mood. Optimism is a high priority and a value that is taught at home, at school, and in our drama programs and other afterschool activities. As teachers, we aim to serve as the greatest influencers of kindness, and model it at all times!
Having a cheery disposition can influence more than just your mood. "People who are optimistic are more committed to their goals, are more successful in achieving their goals, are more satisfied with their lives, and have better mental and physical health when compared to more pessimistic people. Here are 5 Steps on building optimism:

  • Provide opportunities for children to practice caring and gratitude
  • Expand your child’s circle of concern.
  • Be a strong moral role model and mentor
  • Guide children in managing destructive feelings
  • Use positive affirmations. Nothing brings out optimism like the use of affirmations

We help in making a positive impact in your child’s life and embrace life through a positive attitude through our developmental programme. Be part of the world’s largest speech & drama programme to inculcate skills required in this viable world. Register today with Helen O’Grady International – India!

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