23rd March 2019

Join us on an enchanting journey through the Shakespeare World!

As we began the new year with imaginative learning and fun activities, Helen O’Grady International presents Shakespeare School Festival – South Africa! The Shakespeare School Festival uses its capacity to utilize 'culture to safeguard culture', while rising above hindrances to Nation-building. Performing Shakespeare’s plays encourages cross-cultural understanding in the South African context, as well as overall improvement in the power of verbal correspondence.

The Shakespeare Schools Festival (SSF) hails from the United Kingdom extra training program, went for enhancing dialect and social abilities through the performing expressions. Every year the celebration urges schools to perform shortened "thirty-minute" forms of Shakespearean plays in their nearby expert auditoriums all through the nation.

The Festival is an incredible open door for students of Grade 7 and above looking for chances to explore their potential in a fun & progressive way. It offers secondary school students the chance to connect with their educational curriculum out of the blue on a professional stage. This exciting, non-aggressive condition manufactures limit, character and cultivates gratefulness for the similitudes and subtleties of pre-scribed writing. Schools across the world compete here annually.

This festival, let’s your child

  • Perform Shakespeare plays on a global stage
  • Enrol in advanced theatre training workshops by renowned directors at Cape Town Leading to the performance
  • Training provided by Helen O’Grady International to the selected cast members

Join us on an enchanting journey from 13th May to 18th May 2018, hurry up and enrol now. For further information contact us: +91-9930540172 | +91- 9004788389 |

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