1st January 2019

A vision for the new year by Helen O'Grady International India

Approach the new year with resolve to find the opportunities hidden in each new day - Michael Josephson

It’s the new year which technically means new beginnings, new growth, new year resolutions and maybe even a new you. Succeeding in the new year is all about reshaping your life with a solid plan. So dive in, and get excited. The idea behind setting New Year's resolutions is to focus on self-improvement and get excited about the prospect of the new year. When you take away the term “New Year’s resolution,” the basic principles behind it are setting goals and achieving those goals. This is something that all children can benefit from—and even enjoy!

We would like you to start the new year with resolutions of creative learning through EduDrama. Our aim is to transform lives through the key initiative of our EduDrama programme. EduDrama is a dynamic practice that acquaints children with a universe of wonder and play. It helps them understand how to evaluate a situation & think outside the box. It helps them be more confident going into unfamiliar situations. They learn to trust their ideas and abilities. The programme is devoted to communications and education and incorporating drama skills to create imagination, inspiration, confidence and considerably more. Our creative curriculum and teaching methods help your child to develop essential life skills necessary for building a strong foundation for their future.

EduDrama allows children to view the world around them in new ways and helps them become better at thinking new ideas. It helps to unleash children’s creativity in varied ways. We at Helen O’Grady help young kids to discover their full potential & help enrich their creativity through our speech & drama programme.

In this new year, turn over a new leaf with our EduDrama programme. Get your children ready for a getaway of outstanding creative activities and fun learning!

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