5th March 2019

Celebrating the power of a woman in Helen O'Grady International India

"Where there is a woman, there is magic." - Ntozake Shange

International Women’s Day globally celebrates how awesome women are, all around the world! It is all about hailing the feminine spirits and their endeavours in different sectors of developments, it becomes a customary to take witness of all their achievements while applauding their hard efforts to achieve this milestone in their lives. It is the women today who are remarkably creating milestones of successes in their respective fields of expertise possibly setting themselves as inspirational examples for other women in this world. The idea is neither to let down the achievements made by men nor overrating the feminine accomplishments, the basic ideology is to create a more balanced world where both the genders can work together in a similar work environment taking inspirations from each other’s work and capabilities.

It all began in Australia in 1979, when Helen O'Grady, a trained drama teacher, an actress, hired a hall and commenced affordable after-school drama classes for students from 3 to 18 years of age. Her aim was to provide a self-development drama programme that would help develop essential life skills in children. 

Helen’s legacy continues today, with over 1 million students attending dynamic drama classes in 40 countries worldwide. Instrumental in the launch of the programme in India 15 years ago, Mrs Arpita Mittal has been oozing creative energy & motivating, mentoring and developing our students as well as our teachers & franchisors in the most compassionate way. Her passion and experience inspire and contribute to the successes of new academies as well as existing ones. Her sustained commitment and belief in alternative learning tools have ensured a consistent expansion and growth of our unique EduDrama programme across the country! Helen O'Grady International has more than 250 working women and more than 70 women franchisors that put in hard work every day to give the best to your children. These women have left their mark on every student and career path. 

Our Helen O'Grady women are unstoppable force committed to taking Helen O'Grady International - India to great heights across the globe. We are celebrating all week! Here’s to #HOGIndia's strong women, may we know them, may we be them, may we motivate them! #StrongerTogether

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